Law of Attraction: 70 Daily Lessons

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To my 89-year-old mother.
An amazing woman, mother, and spiritual soul.

About the Author 1
Introduction 3
Day 1 Intentions in Flight 5
Day 2 Sharing the Pathways 7
Day 3 Karma – The Lens of Creation 9
Day 4 Time and Manifesting 11
Day 5 Gravity and You 13
Day 6 Why vs. What 15
Day 7 A New View of the God Force 17
Day 8 Practice Intention 19
Day 9 Affirmation + Action = Power 21
Day 10 Free Will 23
Day 11 Manifestation vs. Obsession 25
Day 12 Begin Where You Are 27
Day 13 Luck 29
Day 14 Every Moment is New 31
Day 15 Journey vs. Destination 33
Day 16 Fear is a Bad Habit 35
Day 17 Vision Casting 37
Day 18 Hang Ten 39
Day 19 Autopilot 41
Day 20 When You’re Not Looking 43
Day 21 At the Sub-Atomic Level 45
Day 22 Becoming a Stranger 47
Day 23 The Buzz 49
Day 24 Premonitions 51
Day 25 No Dogma 53
Day 26 Day-Long Devotion 55
Day 27 Changing Our Story 57
Day 28 Connect to the Cloud 59
Day 29 Set the Energy 61
Day 30 Pathways 63
Day 31 You Possess the Answers 65
Day 32 Co-Creators 67
Day 33 Vibrational Echoes 69
Day 24 Release the Disappointment 71
Day 35 Success DNA 73
Day 36 Emotional Reset 75
Day 37 Feel the Zero Gap 77
Day 38 Fake It ‘till You Make It 79
Day 39 What You Can Control Now 81
Day 40 Be an Active Creator 83
Day 41 Top Level Focus 85
Day 42 When Will I Know? 87
Day 43 The Voice 89
Day 44 Less Ego, More Power 91
Day 45 The Primacy Force and You 93
Day 46 The Secret of the Secret 95
Day 47 Find Your Music 97
Day 48 Practice Change 99
Day 49 Should You Try? 101
Day 50 Lucid Napping 103
Day 51 Spiritual Vibration Inventory 105
Day 52 The Sacred In-Between 107
Day 53 Bravo! 109
Day 54 Riding It Out 111
Day 55 Vibrational Web 113
Day 56 Avoid Materialism 115
Day 57 Finding “God” 117
Day 58 The Share Effect 119
Day 59 A Drop in the Ocean 121
Day 60 The Manifestation Map 123
Day 61 Focus Word 125
Day 62 Manifesting Partners 127
Day 63 Non-Resistance 129
Day 64 Power in the Stillness 131
Day 65 Seeds of Gratitude 133
Day 66 Fasting and Cognitive Clarity 135
Day 67 The Universal Truth 137
Day 68 Passive vs Active 139
Day 69 Restore Love 141
Day 70 The Unfamiliar Space 143

About the Author

Lance Abrims was raised in a highly spiritual traditional American religious family, became a protestant minister, then a priest. What followed his Christian experience was an awakening to the greater power of the Universe, in an unbiased, un-favoring way to creation. This brought him to the natural path to becoming a Law of Attraction devotee and coach.

Lance has always been amazed at the spiritual healings and other spiritual miracles that he witnessed in church, personally and in others. These miracles were and are the classic example of the Law of Attraction in action. This began a journey to understand “how” these instant healings happened, knowing that it gives insight into how the Law of Attraction manifests. That brought him to quantum physics and a marriage between spirituality and quantum physics.
Through his lucid dream revelation of the Time Wave of Experience (, Lance discovered the world of Quantum Spirituality that, among other things, explained instant healings and other phenomena.

Lance’s first book on the subject, How to Harness Your Quantum Spirituality and Make it Work for You quickly become a best seller and brought a completely new way of looking at the Law of Attraction to the spiritual community.
This text is brought forward in response to those asking for a practical, daily lesson guide that covers on of the principles that Lance follows each day as he manifests the life he desires, as he practices moves into the Law of Attraction.
Lance’s hope, is that these lessons in the Law of Attraction have bought something new to our manifesting and will further our spiritual development and journey.

Do you have questions?

You can reach out to Lance at He is always available to assist you as you make your journey through the amazing space of the Law of Attraction.

Lance is also on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Finally, if you are seeking a great coaching experience, reach out to Lance to see if he is taking more clients at this time. Lance’s LOA coaching is powerful.
May you find love, peace, and joy in all that you do, through all those you meet and have a journey rich in experiences of the Law of Attraction!
May the Grace and power of the Universe be with you.


What I know for sure is that over the couple years that my last book How to Harness Your Quantum Spirituality and make it Work for You (2015) has been published, the question of “How do I make this work?” ranks at the top of the list. Folks watched the movie The Secret (20??), read the book, see the memes online, and watched the motivational videos, the answer that is never, ever answered is “how.”
YES! Law of Attraction works, but how?
And that is the singular purpose of this book. It is to provide us with the daily lessons that will add to our current knowledge of the Law of Attraction so that we can set the stage for success. These lessons are brought forward to supercharge our knowledge, tools, and efforts so that we can see manifest results in our lives.
These lessons will contribute to our tool chest of the mechanics of how the Law of Attraction works and contribute to setting a spiritual-minded environment where our efforts can flourish and generate measurable, observable results.
As a starting point, let me make this clear. Too often those who are attempting to manifest a new reality or a designed reality using the Law of Attraction miss a foundational starting point completely: That in order for the Universe to respond to our desires and bring into being the experiences we dream, there needs to be a zone of creation probability.
The zone of probability can be likened to a field that a farmer is preparing for the planting, growth, and harvest that he desires. The zone is the field out of which a new reality will be harvested, and the probability is the ingredients and work that goes into making more likely it will bear fruit, or in our case, manifestation..
Just as a farmer, we have to plow the fields of our mind and spirit, nurture our thoughts, weed-out our actions, and fertilize our attitudes. This is what prepares our zone of probability and leads to manifestation of our desires. Some folks do it naturally without needing instruction, others benefit immensely from having guidance. But it can be a benefit for anyone to review these lessons that builds our manifestation probability farm.
How we use this book of lessons will be dictated by where we are in our spiritual walk and our individual plan for nourishing our spirit and mind. Each of us is a little different and needs our information in a slightly different manner.
However we use this book, we must be committed to the process. And the process desired is that we will be more prepared to understand how the Law of Attraction and deliberate manifestation operate and what we can do every step of the way to improve our skills at hitting the manifestation targets.
Also, be aware that the more we teach, the better we are at exercising the power of the Law of Attraction. As we go through these lessons, we can take a moment and share our thoughts on Facebook or other platforms. Sharing the lessons with others leads us to proficiency at living the rules.
Let’s go!

Day 1
Intentions in Flight
The Law of Attraction instructs us that what we intend is what we manifest. That our intentions, when cast lightly into the universe, are like seeds finding root.
Our intentions are the seed, where they land and begin to manifest is up to the Universe. The Universe is the Master Gardner of our destiny, yet we decide and we cast the seeds of intention into flight.
For in every thought is the seed of intention. What we plant, where we plant it, and the care we take of each intention will determine each moment of our lives.
And in each moment of life there is yet another opportunity to reset the intention. Change the echo if intention now. Deliberately.
Plant a new seed.
Take care with every thought.

Day 2
Sharing the Pathways
What an amazing, self-affirming realization it is to become aware of our own journey. When we realize that we have broken out of the status quo of just living and are not spiritually learning and growing.
The natural inclination is to want to share our pathway and process with others. After all, teaching is learning – learning is teaching.
When we share space with others who are on their own journey, it is easy to not fully hear their description of the path in favor of our own experience.
Remain open. Hear them.
Consider other pathways and opportunities.

Day 3
Karma – The Lens of Creation
If Karma is a culmination of all of our past actions and future intents, and knowing that Karma impacts our present and future experiences, then also consider this: Karma serves as a “lens” that will either sharpen or dull the connection between our visions and desires and the force that will manifest them. The “better” the Karma, the more clearly “focused” our connection is towards deliberate manifestation.

Day 4
Time and Manifesting
Time is a perception.

There is no past, there is no future, there is only now. Manifesting is not bound by time and space. Therefore, when we think of, visualize, desire, or feel that which we want to manifest, we must remove time from our conceptualization of it.
We can stretch our perception of time by drawing our thoughts closer to creation, out of the Ego. Therefore, as we create our vision board or mantras or affirmations, ignore time as an element since the Universe does not operate on time, only humans. Become timeless in our manifesting practice. There is no yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Only what is and what we desire “now” to become.

Day 5
Gravity and You
We are an object of gravity. This is because we bend space. And the laws of gravity ensure that other matter will be drawn to us. Like being pulled to the middle of the mattress if someone is making a big dip in it. This is manifesting in its purest form.

We don’t make gravity, we are an object of gravity. We don’t make manifest, we “define” manifest. We don’t bring things to us, something is always attracted to us, we just redefine what that will be.

We define and the Universe makes and gravity brings it to us. By way of understanding, clarity of intent, disciplined practice, and detachment to outcome, we define that which the Universe shall deliver into our orbit. The Universe will deliver something and our gravity will pull it to us.
Therefore, since we are the object of gravity, define in our mind daily what we want to attract, then step back and allow the Universe to manifest it and our gravity to pull it our way.

Day 6
Why vs. What
It is good when one is manifesting to always ask the question “why” instead of “what.” What is the feeling I want from the thing, not what is the thing. Use the “what” as a pointer and the “why” to invoke the feeling. Then grasp hold of the feeling and be deliberate about that. Let the “what” go, feel the “why” as an emotional pathway, then sit in silence, absent of thought, and bathed in emotion. Manifest.
Again, LET THE WHAT GO. Hold tight to the why. This is called detachment from the outcome.
Example: Visualize and “feel” the mate you want then allow the Universe to send the mate it deems best. Don’t hold on to a person, hold on to a feeling. Manifest that who will be the feeling instead of bullying the Universe by holding someone that you think is best.

Day 7
A New View of the God Force
To fully follow and allow the philosophy of deliberate manifesting and Law of Attraction, it is useful to reformulate the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of the primary universal “God” force.

Many of us are raised to believe in an all-powerful father figure supreme-being that chooses winners and losers, that is all-powerful except when a devil is allowed to claim some of that power. Let’s switch ideas and have a fresh look at God or Universe.

Attempt instead to imagine a universal power of all things that are simply that – POWER. A power that is a dispassionate, disinterested creative force that is at our service and only needs to be connected to and called upon with clarity. Manifesting.

A force of pure Love does not choose winners & losers but instead responds to our spiritual vision. Instead of trying to be “good,” we can be LOVE. Then manifest through that Love.




Day 8
Practice Intention
Do not confuse the goal of intentional manifestation with the mechanics of how to get it done.
There is much advice on the “how to manifest” and implement the Law of Attraction. But, more important than the “process” is the “intention.” If we begin with a clear intention of experiencing this life more fully, then any weakness in our process is of less effect. In other words, let’s not get caught up too much in how we are practicing the Law of Attraction with just a few exceptions.
As long as we
1. Detach from outcome.
2. Focus on feelings we want, not things.
3. Don’t fear feeling weird as we move out of Ego.
4. Say our mantras, affirmations, and create our vision boards.
5. Be intentional.




Day 9
Affirmation + Action = Power
There is a curious power relationship between affirmation and action. Curiously, folks will see affirmation as “the” power of the Law of Attraction.

But that is just part of the story.

When we move into the affirmation space, we are instructing our spiritual compass with confidence and explicit direction. Affirmations are vital yet absent of part two – Action – they lack power.

When we match affirmation with action, we then add the fuel of intention, giving the universe a vehicle by which to bring affirmation to life.

A true power plan.




Day 10
Free Will
According to the Time Wave of Experience
which describes how each moment of reality is created out of the quantum space, there is a point where the universe turns over the control of reality from it to us. From the will of the ultimate power to our individual will. During that period, at the pinnacle of the time wave, the moment of reality we experience, we make choices that have a cause and effect on the next moment of reality. Free will is the influence over the creation of every moment of reality. We can control it or take our hands off the wheel and be satisfied with random events.
We can control our reality by exercising our will which includes pre-moment influence and post-moment influence.
In other words, the will of the universe will operate by default at the creation of every minute unless we enforce our will in its place.
I choose to control my reality. My will.



Day 11
Manifestation vs. Obsession
We know that in order to engage in deliberate manifestation, it is important that we pay attention, even create in our mind, that which we want to manifest.
In the process of concentrating on what we want, through images, ideas, and words of affirmations, we run the risk of becoming too hyper focused on something or someone instead of the feeling we want from that item or person.
When we focus on the item or person, it become an obsession of want instead of a deliberate focus of manifestation. Since we are informing the universe of what we desire, and often that is someone we want to love us or something alluring like money, obsession can take over healthy manifestation.
Remember that the goal is to INFORM the universe of what we desire, and ideally what we want to feel from that thing or person, but then we must let go and allow the universe to do its awesome job of manifesting.
Engage in visualization and affirmations, but don’t be married to the outcome. Engage in manifestation and not obsessive want.




Day 12
Begin Where You Are
For some, running away from where they are in life becomes a habit. If there is a relationship that isn’t perfect, they run. If the job isn’t perfect, they quit. If the apartment isn’t perfect, they move. They display a pattern of running away from everything that they feel isn’t exactly right for them.
The problem with this habit is that it breaks the natural flow of the universal energy. Except in few instances, there is goodness is nearly all of the situations we find ourselves in. Opportunities to grow, learn, bless others, and more.
When seeking to manifest, instead of breaking and running as our first move, take a true inventory of the positive elements of everything around us. Belongings, employment, school, relationship, family, the works.
Starting from there, engage in the visioning and affirmations that will move us forward from where we are. In doing so, we will begin to see positive changes and additions to our life. Our desires will move more quickly and with a natural from as we build on the positives in our lives.



Day 13
When we experience a receiving of what we truly want, even when we did not deliberately ask, we are tempted to call it luck.
Then a new definition of luck emerges. Luck: When we have learned to unconsciously use the Law of Attraction, yet refuse to recognize that the force is in action. No-thing happens in this reality experience that we have not called into manifestation. We have either called it into creation by a deliberate action or thought or we have allowed the universe to make a random decision for us.
Therefore, when we notice that what we have been working to manifest comes into reality, be real and claim it as a deliberate manifestation, not luck.
Visualize, state affirmations, then release it an notice the action in our lives. Then claim the action as being a result of our efforts to manifest.




Day 14
Every Moment is New
One of the greatest blessings of this experience we call life is that no moment is sustained. The quantum energy of the universe makes reality “happen” at the top of probability waves. After the brief wave is gone, the moment of reality is gone. Therefore, if the energy and outcome of this moment is not what we want, just by giving attention to detail, pure will, and clear vision, the next moment can be radically different. An dramatic example of this can be seen in spiritual healers. If someone with an ailment is prayed over, they may experience an instant healing. But what they don’t realize is that it is not that the illness is “removed,” instead it was not “recreated” in the next moment.
This is great news for those who want to manifest a different life. The changed life can happen instantly or slowly, but definitely can happen in the next moment.




Day 15
Journey vs. Destination
It is easy to become frustrated with the pace of manifestation, especially when someone is new to the practice and experience. We get excited about the possibility and jump in head first as we engage in visions and affirmations and then expect immediate fulfillment.

There is a better framework through which to engage in the practices of the Law of Attraction. If instead of seeing our desired manifestations as a final destination, we should expect it to roll out as a journey.

Manifesting as a journey experience creates measured expectations about how our desires will fulfilled by the universe. And it allows us to enjoy the experience.

Some manifestations will occur quickly, some will take years. Some will be in part, some in full. And if we are keeping the focus on the feelings we want, not the things we want, then the journey will absolutely full of road signs of success and joy.




Day 16
Fear is a Bad Habit
Fear is an addiction.
Our body becomes physically addicted to the chemical rush resulting from fear. And our spirituality suffers even worse from it.
Since manifesting is driven by feelings and not things, our fear will poison the manifesting feelings. We must break our addiction to fear and then deliberate manifestation becomes a reality.
Replace fear with joy. FORCE IT. Choose joy. Choose peace.
Then manifest purely.





Day 17
Vision Casting
Ask and it shall be given. Imagine and it shall come to pass.

But is it the vocalizing and visualizing that does the “work?”

Vision and vocal casting are methods to get at the “feeling energy” required to move the universe towards manifestation. Ideally, our desires become an automatic “feeling casting” that continually beams bright into the perpetual dimension of our soul.
Today and in the future, when working to manifest, do so with imaging the feelings we want and not the things we want.




Day 18
Hang Ten
Deliberate manifesting is like a surfer riding a wave.
We can feel the wave of reality approach, paddle in the direction of desire, and our intent becomes one with the wave of happening.
This is what it is to be soul-aware. We feel life as it moves under and around our soul. We flex our consciousness and experience the moment.
We hang our toes over the edge, look confidently forward, and ride baby, ride!
If when we are within our manifestation process, we use this imagery, our attempts at manifestation will be more natural and flowing with the energy of the universe.




Day 19
There are two primary ways to fly a plane.
Manual piloting requires not just coordinates, but the manipulation of the basic controls of the plane. A pilot cannot sleep or play ball with her kids while using manual piloting to fly the plane. The other way to pilot a play, autopilot, the pilot programs in the coordinates and the computer does all the rest.
Imagine that the universe is our computer and that all we need to do is program in the destination. Then just enjoy the flight. (Manifestation)
We must trust ourselves to use autopilot when manifesting. Set the vision. Set the feeling. State the affirmation. Then go on with what we are busy with in life and allow the universe to do what it does best – manifest.
Note: For autopilot to work, we have to know where we want to go, or in the case of Law of Attraction, what feelings we want when our stuff manifests. Know your point of destination.




Day 20
When You’re Not Looking
Watching a pot of water come to a boil seems to make the boiling delay. “Come on, boil, boil!”
Then we become distracted with something else and suddenly we hear it boiling in the background. Manifesting and Law of Attraction operate with the same principle. Set the elements in place, then move on with daily life tasks.
Suddenly one day we will notice a deliberate manifestation and say, “Ah, there it is!”
Now, at the same time, we should not be blind to the signs of manifestation when they present themselves. Just don’t be looking so hard that we miss the subtle manifestations.




Day 21
At the Sub-Atomic Level
The change that must occur in you that leads to a transformed life takes place at the sub-atomic level.
The quantum nature of the universe has taught us that the origins of all reality emerge from this sub-atomic realm, this minute space full of energy. The skill that we are developing is one of a chemist to literally change the molecular makeup of our reality.
We’ve seen the immense power within each atom as displayed by the atomic bomb. That same exact power is at our disposal if we will simply command it.
This begins, moves, and ends with a thought that commands the power of an atomic bomb.
Therefore, the changes we make on a macro level impact the energy of our entire being on the micro sub-atomic level. We can’t see what is happening, but it is happening just the same.
So feel the power. Use the power. Make the change.




Day 22
Becoming a Stranger
As we begin to exercise thoughts and actions towards the practice of manifestation, we become different human beings.
Vibrations change, values, habits, friends, everything else, will shift.
Expect it. Don’t resist it. Don’t be afraid of it. Rest in it.
Sometimes we will feel alone until finding comfort in our own thoughts and unique vibrations.
Soon, our own company (being alone in our thoughts and alone in real terms) will satisfy us on our personal journey.
Expect this, too.




Day 23
The Buzz
Changing our position in this “now” to manifest a deliberate different next “now” creates friction. At first, we might label this friction as discomfort. “This is hard,” and “I feel like it’s not working.”

It is spiritually noisy. A dissonance. But in time this friction takes on an energy-infused buzzy musical quality.

Then over time, without the buzz we feel empty and stuck in one place.

Learn to Love the buzz.




Day 24
Each moment of manifestation has a build-up of energy that precedes it. Also know that since there is no linear time, every moment of our life “happens” in the same instant.
We can then see how premonitions are a natural occurrence. To master manifestation requires that we master our pre-moment radar and to feel in advance if future actions are at their highest and best vibration to come.
It just takes some practice to “feel” the future and adjust our actions to manifest future designer moments.




Day 25
No Dogma
It is essential that we not fall into a dogma, a “set” way, of practicing the Law of Attraction. It is not a religion, but a pathway to freedom. We should expose ourselves to various approaches, differing theories, and allow ourselves to develop a practice and belief that is unique to each of us. The infinite power of the universe and the infinite possible life pathways belong to all of us.
Let’s make it our own, and make it count!




Day 26
Day-Long Devotion
When we are engaging in devotions, affirmations, and visualization, we should not do it once for 15 minutes in the morning or at night before bed, but all through the day and into the night

We should be in constant thanks and casting visions. There is great purpose and results from stepping spiritually into the wide-open space of possibility and feel the universal machine of manifest-making.

The process of manifestation thrives on our attention and focus. And it thrives on our patience and willingness to accept what the universe creates as best for us.

We should be in devotionals as often as we have spare moments.




Day 27
Changing Our Story
We often forget that words, in any language, have power. How often do we hear someone walking around telling their story of despair and disappointment, over and over again? They are reinforcing and reliving their pain and blocking the universe from making a positive change for the.
If we change our story – revise who we are and what we are experiencing and believing – our life will change to match the new story. Let us make a promise to ourselves that we will break free of our old story and become the star of the new one.
A change in manifestation will follow.




Day 28
Connect to the Cloud
The power of computing took a quantum leap forward when individual PC processors began sharing computational power around the globe via cloud computing.
Our power of attraction and manifestation is supercharged when we spiritually connect our consciousness to the universal cloud.
They way we do this is through a special kind of meditation. During mediation, visualize our mind connecting with all other minds in the universe – past, present, and future – and feel the power surge in us.
The possibilities are unlimited and the direction of our making.




Day 29
Set the Energy
Each time we enter into the presence of another, we should extend a handshake or hug and declare, “Thank you for this time together, I love/appreciate you.” The words we speak and the physical contact we make will set the stage for a positive mutual manifestation, prefaced with gratitude.
It is important to surround ourselves with those whose energy is flowing in the way we want our energy to flow. We’ve seen a mass of birds fly together, it is like a wave as they naturally match the direction and flow of the one next to them.
As we choose our friends, we should not make them match our flow but choose them




Day 30
A friend asked me, “I knew clearly at 19 years of age exactly what I was to do, why then at 23 does that path not seem right to me? My answer to this guy is that our journey in this life is not about what we are to “do” but rather what we are to “feel.” The fullness of life is something we feel, not something we do. And the great news is that manifestation results from feelings.
So making how we feel the purpose of how we live, by focusing those feelings in a direction we desire, we manifest a life we desire.




Day 31
You Possess the Answers
The most powerful Truth for us to accept is that we have always been in complete possession of all knowledge and all answers we need.
Let that rest in the air a moment.
We have always been in complete possession of all knowledge and all answers and need.
No longer ask how, why or when. Instead, we should connect with our consciousness through our feelings and become aware of our Truths. This being true, we can stop asking and wondering and start manifesting through our current understanding.




Day 32
There is a creation multiplier when two or more co-creators use the Law of Attraction simultaneously. This is accomplished by coordinating visions and desires so that the co-creators focus their consciousness on the same Law of Attraction goals. The co-creators need not want the same “things,” but instead the same “feelings” as the outcome. Example. Two men wanting romance but not the same woman. Two women wanting career success but not the same job.





Day 33
Vibrational Echoes
All that we experience is a vibration – matter, color, taste, thought, emotion, love – they are all vibrations. And those vibrations can echo forward, backward, inward, outward. To manifest deliberately and with clear intention, we must center our spirit on the “now,” blocking out all echoes of vibrations from all other time and space. Then, we match the vibration of now with vibration of what we want.
Mediation is the primary vehicle to do this.




Day 24
Release the Disappointment
Every time a student asks me, “why am I still (this) when I want to be (that)?,” I sigh deeply. I search for words that convey in a kind, meaningful way, “It is this question that is blocking the solution.” Friends, until we release what we lack, until we release the current negative and replace it with the positive future desire, we are what is blocking the manifestation.




Day 35
Success DNA
What we think creates a direct update to our DNA. And what is written in our DNA is what we become as our body renews.
When we create the thoughts of success, then we literally become the stuff of success.
Take deliberate control of our thoughts.
Eject all excess and negative thoughts by stocking up on positive visions, mantras, and speech. We can remake our DNA to that of success DNA.




Day 36
Emotional Reset
The value of an emotional reset to consciously pull ourselves back to center and to bring us into the “now” cannot be overstated. This is an opportunity for us to have a fresh vision several times during the day. It clears the way to deliberate manifestation. Set an alarm for 8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm and 9 pm. Label the alarm “Reset.”
When it rings, STOP all that we are doing. Meditate for five minutes.




Day 37
Feel the Zero Gap
Put on your thinking seat-belt. In between each moment of reality that we experience, there is an instance of zero-dimension, zero-matter.
“So what,” you ask? In that infinitely short space, the in-between the in-between, the power of changing our lives, changing our experiences resides. It is in that mega-small space that the universe makes the biggest readjustments.
Those readjustments in the zero-gap are determined by our manifestation efforts. The affirmations, the visualizations, and the meditations adjust that zero space.
So, we begin to first learn to feel, to experience, to know that zero-gap. It takes practice. And when one is in the space, déjà vu happens very, very often.
Vital: Learn to Feel the zero gap.




Day 38
Fake It ‘till You Make It
As a newbie, we may feel unsure about whether we know how to use the Law of Attraction in our lives. Fear not. We all started out that way. The key is to begin applying what we’ve learned, even if it feels “fake” at first. We should say to ourselves, “I am centered,” and “I am growing in my ability to manifest that which I desire.”
Keep it simple at first. And if we have to fake it, we do it.
It will become real soon enough!




Day 39
What You Can Control Now
Even when living in the now, in the regular lives we lead, we are confronted with difficult circumstances.
We may ask, “How do I manifest with all this going on?” The answer is in how we manage our response to whatever is coming at us. We often cannot change what is going on, but we can always change how we respond.
As we are in the “now,” and as we experience life, we can carefully manage our responses.
Our responses will give rise to the next “now.”
Respond to life with care.




Day 40
Be an Active Creator
Engaging in practices to manage and manipulate the Law of Attraction can at times seem clunky and odd. A more natural, smoother way to practice manifestation is to engage every day in the creation of something. Write a blog or diary, create a work of art, sew a blouse, plant a garden, build an engine…take parts and make something.
The explicit act of creation conditions the consciousness to create spiritually.
Practice being an active creator.




Day 41
Top Level Focus
“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Winston S. Churchill When using the Law of Attraction, maintaining a focus on top-level feelings is vital to achieving a critical mass in universal shift.
It is easy to get caught up in the smaller details of what we are trying to manifest and what we don’t get as soon as we think we should get it.
Make manifestation and application of the Law of Attraction a global daily activity an don’t get too caught up in details. Mantras often help to keep a focus but in a more general way.
The mantra I speak dozens of times throughout the day is “Love, Prosperity, Relationship, Intimacy.” This is my top-level focus.
What is yours?




Day 42
When Will I Know?
It is not the words we use to describe living a fully manifested life that makes it so. It is not in bragging about how we manifested this or that which makes it blessed. And it will not show up in our life at first like a blinking neon sign. We will notice it first in the small ways. Then over time in patterns of life, love, and success. And finally, in a life well lived. Experience it first in peace. In silence. In the beating of our heart. Then we will know that our desires are being manifest in small and larger ways.




Day 43
The Voice
There is once voice of consciousness. That voice has one origin, from zero dimension outside of this reality. As our voice of Super-consciousness comes to our awareness, it can arrive purely or filtered through ego. Our spirit voice will never tell our local experience what to think or how to act. But it will shine a light ahead, vibrations of awareness like a spotlight.
Cleanse the pathway by reducing ego and begin to hear the voice of the universe.




Day 44
Less Ego, More Power
Where our eternal spiritual essence and our temporary earthly reality experience meet is our ego experience. Our ego is further from the supernatural experience and closer to the now experience. (See

The goal always is more spirit, less ego. We must get outside of ourselves.

The goal is to manifest more of our essence that is close to the Universe and less that is close to our human reality, ego. As we increase the spiritual vibrations and become more vibrationally rooted in the now, the ego shrinks. This will “spiritualize” our earthly reality experience. And this increases our power to manifest deliberately.

Not manifesting? Check the ego. Get out of it. Raise your vibrational level with mediation and works of charity and selflessness.




Day 45
The Primacy Force and You
There is a force, a power, from out of which all that we know as reality manifests. It has been called many names over time, but generally referred to my most as a god.
By any name, it is the primacy force. Strip away folklore, myth, and the need to give the force a “personality” and what is left is pure power and potential.
But what or who directs this power to manifest? You! You may not know it. You may be just learning how. But it is you that is the director of the movie of your life.
The primacy force gives energy and form to your direction.
Direct carefully, deliberately, and wisely.




Day 46
The Secret of the Secret
Students will ask me, “Lance, what is the Secret to the Secret?” My answer is, “Intention of Feeling.” We each will develop our own unique way of connecting with our quantum soul-space. Each will ride the wave of manifestation with their own style, timing, and groove. But the necessary ingredient for everyone is the act of deliberate intention of feeling. It is intention of feeling that drives specific creation. When we are clear in our intention of feelings, then we are manifesting in detail what we want to FEEL, not have.

This is the secret. Manifest feelings, not things.




Day 47
Find Your Music
All of reality as we know it is vibration. At the root of the root, the base of matter and light, is vibration. This is why music and light touch us so deeply. As we practice aligning our feelings with our desires, being centered in the now, and using our mantras of several words, add music. We may find our song in one note. Or we may discover our song in five notes. For some, there is a quiet, loving, touching tune that is recited or hummed.

The folks in the holy-roller churches know the power of song in moving into the spiritual now space. They are pros at it. We can take them by example.

No matter where we find the music, find it. Let’s add it to some of our meditation.

In doing so, we will feel our soul aligning with the now in song.




Day 48
Practice Change

We are a burst of energy on a probability wave. This burst of energy on a probability wave accounts for each and every moment our experience. Since reality is recreated every micro-moment, we have an opportunity to nudge it in one direction or the other every moment. The easiest way to experiment with this is to practice changing how we feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We should move ourselves to a spiritual center, access how we feel, and purposely change it.

Do it. Use a thought to move your how you feel.
Feel the difference?

What you practice on the micro level will give you the power and experience to change it on the macro level.
Make a micro change today, tomorrow, and every day.




Day 49
Should You Try?
Often a student will say, “I’ve tried everything I know and I still can’t manifest.” What that statement implies is that we are the “power” which causes a thing to manifest. Which of course is not the case at all. Always remember that only the universe has the power to “try” or “do.” Our part in manifestation is to maintain a clear vision. The universe will, with absolute clarity, reflect our vision back to us in manifestation.
Thus, our sole purpose and “job” is to know what we want to feel, clarify the vision, and block out distractions like fear, anger, worry, jealousy, and a lack of joy.
Stop trying and start intending. Know your part.




Day 50
Lucid Napping
Some of the most powerful insights and messages from the universe come to us during lucid napping. Lucid napping can take place anywhere, anytime. It is when we are in between awake and sleep. It is a form of medication at a specific state of dream/sleep.
During this time, we release our attention from manifestation and open our spiritual mind to receive all that the universe has for us. We are not awake. We are not asleep. Our consciousness drifts like an interdimensional fishing net. We are not asking, not “putting out,” but receiving. Those who want to create ideas, write books, or song, it is during this lucid napping when an entire book can drop into our mind, only needing to be put on paper. Entire advertising campaigns are created. Some of the most inspirational events happen in lucid dreaming.
Lucid napping is when we dine with the universe. And it is where the communication link between our desires and the Universe that delivers our manifestations resides.
Take yourself there often.




Day 51
Spiritual Vibration Inventory
While speaking with a fellow manifestor the other day, something she and I both agreed upon is the need for whole-life vibrational harmony. If we place our focus on one or a group of feelings (not things) we want, working the Law of Attraction, but are at the same time have disharmony in vibrations in other areas of our life, the results will be disappointing. We should take a spiritual vibration inventory of every facet of our life.

Where we see weakness, pay positive attention to that, imagine what it would be life in the opposite state of the weakness, and nurture the spiritual vibes in that area.

Let’s work towards vibrational harmony in all areas of our lives, then we will see more results.




Day 52
The Sacred In-Between
Each moment of reality is experienced at the crest of a time wave of probability. Where consciousness architects the moment and the universe delivers manifestation. Yet in between each moment of reality is a silent space where no-thing exists. No time, no space, no matter, not reality, nothing. This amazing space is sacred. This is where the only thing that exists is consciousness. And this is where pure intention thrives and multiplies. Begin to feel it. Take a spiritual journey often to find that sacred space. And just be in it.
For it is in that sacred space, the in-between the in-between, that we meet the universe head on. It is mind blowing.




Day 53
Patience – the ability to not “chase” the universe as it delivers our deliberate manifestations. Faith – an unbounded, absolute knowing in a concept, expectation, or outcome. Being the director of our manifested destiny and doing so successfully requires that we have the ability to practice patience and operate with total faith. This always takes us back to the basic premise that we are the director and the universe is the actor. Have patience and faith that the actor (the Universe) will perform.




Day 54
Riding It Out
Having the state of mind or spirit to actively engage in deliberate manifestation is always possible, but at times is simply “not where we are.” Part of the human condition is to at times not “feel” like we can get ourselves to that point of spiritual bliss or to “be.”
An event or situation has us so upset or off-center that being 99% spiritual is not going to happen. This is ok. All of us have felt that at one point or another.
We should, once in a while, not be so hard on ourselves and allow that moment of not feeling ready, able, or spiritual. But don’t allow it to last long.
Ride it out. Hold on. Pray. Meditate as best we can. It too shall pass. Then, we can get back to directing deliberate manifestation later when we feel better.
Give ourselves a break and ride it out.




Day 55
Vibrational Web
Each act, each feeling, each thought, every word creates a vibrational symphony inside and around us. This facilitates creation. This is how the Law of Attraction works.
When we are actively seeking to deliberately manifest a new world around us, it is essential that we are aware of the web of vibrational impacts in our lives. When we examine a spider’s web, we notice that there are occasional imperfections, or tears, in the web. These represent our Karma flaws. We can repair those flaws in our web by taking every opportunity to bless those in our world with charity, forgiveness, kindness. And as we repair our web, our actions to manifest will be better supported and clearly come to pass.




Day 56
Avoid Materialism

As a teacher of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, I am troubled by a popular movement that promotes wealth and prosperity as the “ultimate” in manifesting and a taking for the asking. What is spiritual about a dollar bill? What is divine about a new car? Where is salvation of one’s consciousness in something of social status? There is nothing “wrong” with money, status, and luxuries, but they alone do not lead to joy, peace, and transcendence. Be careful. Focus on the feelings you desire, and not things, situations, or people. Detach from the outcome.
Avoid the materialism and seek the feelings you desire.



Day 57
Finding “God”
Most humans have a need to find and know “God” as a part of their manifested experience. Some observe their relationship to “God” as passive, others as more active and participatory. To manifest deliberately, “God” or the Universe needs only be perceived as a partner in creation. Divine, full of Grace, and benevolent.
But a partner, not a determinant or decider. We should allow our conscious spiritual awareness to determine what manifests out of the “God” soup, the Universe. Then we can seek and find “God” in the quiet spaces in-between the moments of manifestation.
One will know God or the Universe when they are quiet and present. It is a feeling that is indescribable, complete, and Love personified.




Day 58
The Share Effect
A debate within the Law of Attraction community is whether or not sharing our vision with friends and others dilutes the power to manifest. Remember that deliberate manifestation requires a clear vision resulting in a clear feeling which is then transmitted to spirit to accomplish the outcome. Many Law of Attraction teachers, including myself, hold that when we share our vision or feelings that we want manifested with someone other than ourselves, the power is diverted into ego. Ego grows and ego blocks manifestation and diminishes deliberate outcome. We should hold our manifesting visions and feelings close. Preserve the power. Reserve our sharing of that which we want manifested for conversations between us and the Universe.
Then, share the results after the fact.




Day 59
A Drop in the Ocean
When we set our minds to something and begin working on it, we are turned on by seeing results. With manifesting too often we ask, “Just give me a sign!” LOL. True, right? But when manifesting deliberately and using the Law of Attraction, it is wise to view your experience with a different lens of expectation. The universe has its own unique way of manifesting situations that will create the feelings we desire. Sometimes the “result” can be spread across our lives like a drop of blessing in an ocean of experience. Quietly, hidden, but powerful.
Have faith. It is there.




Day 60
The Manifestation Map
Any place in our reality that we cross, we leave traces of our essence and vibes. We leave breadcrumbs of our energy.
These traces become manifestation anchors or flag pins on a manifestation map. This of spiritual breadcrumbs, like a map, persists throughout this, future, and past lives. We should be deliberate in where we journey. We should be careful in the energy breadcrumbs we leave along the way.
It is highly likely that we will re-manifest in a previous location again, imagined or real. Therefore, stay away from unpleasant locations. Meditate frequently in desired locations. Caution, even an imagined location is the same as a true physical location. And we will create that location imagine and re-experience those spiritual energies.
What energy breadcrumbs and we leaving behind?





Day 61
Focus Word
Turning feelings into deliberate manifestation thrives on focus. We can practice over the next several days by choosing a word that evokes a wonderful feeling in us. For example, “spirit.” Repeat this word while imagining a beautiful blue spiritual essence dancing from place to place. “Feel” the beauty, peace, and love. Again, again, again. Then manifest more of that which gives you this feeling with expressed in the word “spirit.”
What is your focus word of the day?




Day 62
Manifesting Partners
While a contractor was at my home installing new floors, we were chatting as they were packing up for the day. Out of the blue the contractor’s helper responds to a question of mine – something about the book “The Secret.” And what a conversation followed after that! Words from an unexpected person, at an unexpected time, seemingly random. But we know that nothing is random or by chance. We should expect Law of Attraction partners to show up in our lives. We should manifest these partners. And when they present themselves, let us share “how” we manifest more than “what” we manifest.
Then we are teaching and not bragging.




Day 63
When we allow the universe to do what it does best – manifest – and we do so without pushing back against change, then we are practicing non-resistance. Where we are here is our now. There is what we desire to feel. These are two different places.
Change is required to reposition from what is now to where we want to be. Submission to repositioning is critical and often can be painful.
Allow the change. Allow the discomfort. Participate in the manifestation of desires. Practice non-resistance in all change.
Become accustomed to and expect the unease of change.
Rejoice in the new feelings. Swim in the new improved now.
Practice non-resistance.





Day 64
Power in the Stillness
An essential skill in practicing the Law of Attraction and the secret is the ability to be still. Being still is the act of bringing all activity to a stop, closing our eyes, and waiting – for seconds or minutes or hours. Zero thought. A clear slate.
Begin with moments of stillness and as a thought jumps it, cast it out. Some get caught up in the idea that we have to meditate or mantra during a still moment, but that is no so. In fact, the practice of being still is the first step towards learning how to meditate and mantra and manifest fully.
In the still moment, we create a channel through which our intentions subconsciously flow to our Super-consciousness.
This fuels our efforts at manifestation and is born out of the quiet stillness where the Universe thrives.





Day 65
Seeds of Gratitude
Express gratitude for every blessing in our life, especially the small seemingly insignificant ones.
Throughout the day, speak to the universe words of thanks for life, meals, friends, family, work, income – those we have and those we want to manifest. This opens channels of manifestation. It is the key that unlocks prosperity and attracts more blessings into our experience.
Penny on the ground? Accept it with absolute gratitude as if where a $100 bill.
Learn this new habit. We can make it an act second-nature in our lives. Why? Because it will impact every atom of our experience.




Day 66
Fasting and Cognitive Clarity
From the beginning of recorded history, the act of fasting – total water fasting – for a period of 12 to 24 hours or more, has been the prescription for body and mind purity. During and immediately after fasting – no food or drink except water – a chemical process occurs in our bodies that brings clarity, enlightenment, and growth in scientifically proven ways. How do we want to scrub the emotional, spiritual, and chemical manifestation highway? Fasting. How do we ourselves of fear? Fasting. How do we open our minds to the Universe? Fasting
Fasting. It is a powerful way to engage in a higher spirituality and clear the mind.
Manifesting is refined when we engage in fasting.




Day 67
The Universal Truth
Since the Power, the Potential, the Universe uses our feelings as a master plan for manifestation, it is a direct line of Truth that our present feelings direct the future of our life experience. This is difficult for the beginner to understand. They wonder how they should feel what they want if that is not how they feel now. Yes. It takes practice.
So, this is one solution. We are familiar with the phrase “Fake it until you make it.” There is such universal wisdom in those words and they apply directly to making the Law of Attraction work for us.
Force it. Feel NOW how you imagine you will feel at the outcome of the manifestation. Fake It So the Universe Can Make It!




Day 68
Passive vs Active
When applying the principles of the Law of Attraction, one can either engage passively by just holding the notion that faith is sufficient or give attention to specific actions that will turn on the manifestation switch. Saying, “I have faith that it works,” is a do-nothing strategy that gives do-nothing results. Doing the “work” of paying close attention to the positive feelings we are projecting and the desired outcomes we are imagining is an active do-something approach that will attract to us that which we desire. Don’t wait, act. We should be active in our visualization, our mantras, our casting of desired feelings. Then don’t be distracted and expect results.



Day 69
Restore Love
Although not an essential principles of the Law of Attraction, Love does seem to be an accelerator. The presence of Love for self, others, and current and past blessings ignites the Universe to cooperate with our desires. We should take a quick inventory of how we feel Love towards all things in our lives. We should Eliminate as much as possible any anti-Love ideas or feelings towards self or others. And we can preface our mantras, “With Love and Gratitude, I ….” so that Love become the lubrication for feelings and blessings that are coming our way.
Love truly makes all things better. Even manifestation.



Day 70
The Unfamiliar Space
When anyone begins to manifest their reality using the quantum power of thought and energy, it definitely feels odd and different. This is to be expected. In fact, if we don’t feel lighter, above the ground, sort of “out of body” at times, then we are still grounded in our old ways.
Being more spiritually attached to our Super-conscious takes us somewhere else, if even for just a brief moment.
We can feel it. Be present. Be not distracted.
Feel the difference when we actively engage in the act of manifesting. It will feel strange at first. But soon the unfamiliar space will feel more familiar that the ragged reality we swim in.

Lance Abrims